2056 What's a Bankable Technology and How Do You Get There?

Tuesday, October 18, 2011: 3:10 PM
C147/148/154 (Dallas Convention Center)
Matthias Gewalt, M.E. & M.B.A , Project Due Diligence / Project Finance, SAIC Energy, Environment & Infrastructure (formerly R.W. Beck), Denver, CO
The Solar community always asks, what’s a bankable technology and how does my technology become bankable?  The presentation and paper will discuss the term bankability and what helps a technology become bankable.  Topics will aid a technology supplier to in evaluating how well they know their technology and what should be included in a bankability review (durability testing, mean time between failure analysis, performance modeling, performance validation, pilot installations, etc.).

This presentation will help aid technology providers understand proper performance model validation for their technology through the use of pilot plants and commercial installations, and will help the finance and developer community understand the implications and items to consider when selecting a technology provider and/or project.   A case study will be included as part of the presentation and paper that will show a concentrated solar technology where through the technical due diligence process was found to have real issues at high temperatures, that once corrected in the pro forma, changed the project from being highly profitable to not being profitable.  The presentation and paper will also help developers and the financial community ask the proper questions when evaluating whether the expected performance of a technology for different sites and climates is reasonable. 

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